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Welcome To PITBULLPOWERThailand

We are very proud to say that we American RedNose Pitbullpower Terrier always breed for "quality" not quantity. We also breed our dogs with the intention of producing Big Bone Structure, Muscle Mass, Big Heads ,  Widest Thick Chest and a lot of drive without compromising their agility and confirmation. There loyalty, drive, heart and athletic ability has been proven time and time again. Our dogs are bred to have good temperment, intelligence and loyalty with enough  gameness to spare.

Whether you are looking for a personal protection dog, weight pulling competitor, confirmation show winner, or a family dog, you've come to the right place.

As proof of this, all of our dogs at home have grown to be great loving family pets that strive to protect each of their owners. we special in red nose. Our dogs consists of bloodlines such as Peterson ,Camelot, ReDLion(Viet shark). To PITBULLPOWERThailand this is not only a business, but a hobby with a window of opportunity to meet & make new friends with similar interest & help each other in producing the Only American RedNose Pitbullpower Terrier. We hope to truly assist you  by providing you with a big, muscled, intelligence, loving and protective companion.

All the puppies we sell will have current de-worming and up to date vaccinations.

Call King : 091-049-9678 or 084-999-3373    

We breed for "QUALITY" not quantity

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